BrewBear: your new best friend!

BrewBear is a brewer's best friend when it comes to calculations and conversions. This nifty pocket calculator lets you perform common brewing calculations in an intuitive way. Simply slide to set your variables and immediately see the outcome.

Simply slide

Conversions & Calculations

BrewBear allows you to perform the following conversions:

  • Specific gravity SG / Plato / Brix
  • Temperature Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Weight Grams / Ounces / Pounds
  • Volume Liters / US Gallons / Imp. Gallons
  • Color EBC / SRM / Lovibond

and these calculations:

  • Mash Volume
  • Evaporation / Dilution
  • Attenuation (ABV, ABW and Apparent Attenuation)
  • SG Correction
  • Hop Substitution
Conversions and Calculations

But it doesn't stop there!

For each calculation, every part of the equation can be a variable. For instance, you can calculate the mash volume given your grist weight and liquor volume (or mash thickness), but you can also calculate your grist weight if you know your target mash volume. Likewise, if you're aiming to brew a 5% ABV beer, you can easily see what your original gravity must be for a given final gravity, or vice versa.

All that, for less than the price of a beer!

Slide Everything!

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BrewBear is developed by a passionate beer brewer and software developer form the Netherlands.